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For more than 20 years, our local community has trusted American Family Hearing with their hearing healthcare. Taking care of our patients is our top priority. As an independent audiology practice, we offer a full range of hearing healthcare services using the world’s leading hearing aids and the latest testing practices. We focus entirely on hearing, from prevention to the treatment of hearing loss.

Hearing Evaluation

We are able to administer a full range of hearing evaluations for each patient, far beyond a simple hearing screening. We'll identify your hearing loss and its likely cause, in great detail. This allows us to address your hearing loss effectively with hearing aids. We'll test how well you can hear sounds as well as how clearly you can understand speech, since most people with hearing loss are primarily concerned about being able to carry on conversations clearly.

Hearing Aid Fitting

We carry hearing aids from all the major manufacturers, including Lyric hearing aids, which are like contact lenses for the ears and are a very good option for many of our more active patients. Our decades of experience and technologically savvy approach to hearing aids allows us to program your hearing aids to address your specific hearing loss and hearing preferences.

Hearing aid styles

Hearing Aid Verification

When you get a hearing aid for the first time, it needs to be programmed. Our audiology will use real-ear verification to actually measure what your hearing aid is doing in your ear, and determine the best program that matches your specific hearing loss. Without real ear, you won't get your best possible hearing.

Tinnitus Management

Also known as a ringing, buzzing, or whistling in the ears, tinnitus is a concern for millions of Americans. Tinnitus doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong with you ears, but it often means that you have been exposed to high levels of noise or you have a degree of hearing damage. The good news is that while there is no known cure for tinnitus, there are treatment options available. Using hearing aids can often help relieve tinnitus and many have therapy features that help soothe ringing in the ears and help you focus on the sound you’re supposed to hear.

Hearing Aid Repair

Because we've been doing this for so long and are technologically inclined, we're able to offer some hearing aid repairs in-house. If we do need to send your hearing aids back to the manufacturer for more difficult repairs, we keep loaners on hand to help you in the meantime.

Hearing Protection

It's vital to take good care of your ears to avoid hearing loss as much as possible. That's why we create custom hearing protection to shield you from loud noises such as live music, hunting rifles, heavy machinery, or construction sites. We also make custom molds for musicians' in-ear monitors.

custom hearing protection - muscian earmolds

Cerumen (ear wax) Management

Keeping your ears and your hearing aids clean of wax can help you hear better every day and make your hearing aids last longer. We can assist patients with keeping on top of their cerumen situation.

Fitting You With Hearing Aids

If you're ready to move forward with hearing aids, we will find you a solution as soon as possible. Sometimes we can fit you with your aids that same day! We offer a 30-day trial period where we will check-in regularly to make sure you're adjusting to your hearing aids and they fit you properly. Generally we'll see first-time users at one week and three weeks, and we'll see experienced users at two weeks and four weeks. Once everything looks good and you seem well adjusted, we ask patients to come in every six months to have their hearing aids cleaned and their hearing checked.

We recommend bringing a close family member with you to your appointment as a second set of ears. It's good to test out your hearing aids with a voice you actually listen to in your day-to-day life to make sure that your properly fitted hearing aids will help you hear and understand them. Bringing them to our office lets us test with their voice the same day you have your appointment.

Hearing aid fitting

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